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Advanced performance cloud workstation platform for tomorrow's challenges


& Defense

High performance cloud workstation platform to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Arch’s high performance cloud platform can play a vital role in a wide range of government and defense applications that require substantial computational power and storage performance, which are essential to address complex challenges, conduct research, and optimize operations.
Areas of government and defense where the Arch Platform can play an important role
  • Cryptography - complex analysis, simulation and algorithm development
  • Security & Intelligence - analyze large datasets, such as satellite imagery, communications intercepts, and social media, to provide intelligence and to monitor potential threats
  • Defense Simulation - a wide variety of simulation work to evaluate performance and to verify compliance
  • Aerospace and Defense Research - aerodynamic simulation, structural analysis, modeling and specialized complex development
  • Weather Forecasting and Climate Modeling - run complex weather forecasting models, perform climate change research, and develop solutions for disaster prediction
  • Satellite Image Processing - process and analyze satellite imagery for various purposes, including environmental monitoring and surveillance
  • Biomedical Research - utilize advanced performance compute for genomic sequencing, drug discovery, epidemiological modeling, and the study of infectious diseases for biodefense
  • Secure Communications - develop and test secure communication systems, including encryption algorithms and secure networks
  • Air Traffic Management - optimize air traffic control systems, simulate scenarios, and improve civilian and military airspace safety
  • Simulation and Training - support military training simulations, flight training and mission rehearsals
  • Nuclear and Energy Research - leverage advanced performance compute for nuclear energy, fusion, and high-energy physics research, simulation and data analysis
  • Disaster Response and Recovery - model and predict natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires.  Simulate and optimize response efforts
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization - optimize logistics, supply chain management, and resource allocation
  • Space Exploration and Research - government space agencies can use HPC IaaS to support space exploration, satellite related work, and astrophysics research
  • Homeland Security - advanced performance IT infrastructure is important for work related to critical infrastructure, border security and emergency response
Areas of government and defense where the Arch Platform can play an important role:
Why is Arch's cloud workstation platform right for your organization?
  • Arch is the ideal cloud and on-prem IaaS solution where team members can be connected to the Internet and where security requirements are similar to stringent private sector advanced performance infrastructure security requirements.
  • Complete flexibility to securely work from anywhere at any time with the compute resources you need to collaborate effectively and to expedite your work.
  • High performance facilities can be set up in minutes and workstations deployed in seconds.  Now you have all the flexibility you need to create and manage global infrastructure at lightning speed to tackle your demanding research, engineering and scientific challenges.
  • The performance you require for your most challenging work.
  • Confidence that your teams have access to the right NVIDIA RTX™ cloud workstations matched to the research, scientific, imaging, data/AI and simulation software they need to stay on track, without compromise.  
  • The power you need to run your software, supported with a powerful workstation image pipeline and template process to make HPC infrastructure fast, flexible and easy.  Arch can support a broad range of software platforms and applications to address your most demanding workflows.
  • Arch’s IaaS orchestration platform supports your cloud and on-prem workstations.
  • Whenever a complex simulation, visualization, data analysis, code-build or AI related challenge requires high performance compute resources, bring in all the Compute Farm nodes you need to balance schedule and cost.
  • Leverage best practice collaborative research, product development, AEC, scientific or healthcare solutions provided by your preferred software vendors.
  • Utilize advanced storage infrastructure from WEKA, Amazon, Lucidlink, Hammerspace, and Qumulo, to name a few, to maximize performance and to simplify coordination among team members.
Why is Arch's cloud workstation platform right for your organization?
With Arch's platform solution, you have access to the infrastructure creation and management tools that you need to succeed and to be future-proofed.  You’ll be able to immediately create infrastructure precisely where you need it and support any sequencing, data, visualization, simulation, code-build, or AI workflow with the performance and tools required.

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